Firm description and What we do:

Our clients can open a company in Hong Kong within 48 hours without visiting Hong Kong. Except for opening a bank account in Hong Kong, it may be more convenient for clients to visit the Hong Kong banker to witness their signatures – but in exceptional cases, some bankers can accept signatures to be witnessed by their overseas Branch Managers locating in the same country/territory as our clients.

We challenge ourselves to take care clients' companies in Hong Kong on a "turnkey basis" including provision of registered office address and a named company secretary in Hong Kong for fulfillment of legal requirements. We redirect all incoming mails from the various Government Departments and issue reminder notices for clients to ensure their compliance with the local requirements. We handling invoicing on behalf of the Hong Kong companies and if required, we can arrange the accounting books to be written up in Hong Kong. We conduct annual audits for the Hong Kong companies and help to complete the Profits Tax Returns together with the Profit Tax Computations. If required, we will file Offshore Claims with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.

If clients' presence in Hong Kong is to do business in China, we can help to incorporate either of the followings in China in name of the companies incorporated in Hong Kong:

i) Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises ("WOFE"), or

ii) Foreign Joint Ventures.

In China, we work with local professional accountants and lawyers so that clients can enjoy the "one stop services" to be provided by our firm.