Hong Kong New Company – Incorporation or Shelf Company

(inclusive of various disbursements – First Registration Fee,  Capital Stamp Duties,

Company Kit, Company Seal and Chops (2) and Business Registration Fee.) 


Company Secretary (Mandatory) – 12 months in advance

(inclusive of nominating a company to act as      your CompanySecretary and twelve (12)

 months retainer)


Registered Address (Mandatory) - 12 months in advance 

    US$ 3,300.00

Other Services:


Nominee Shareholder - 12 months in advance  


Nominee Director - Normally not provided



Opening Bank Accounts – First One (1) bank account         
                                                          From the second account – each 


Visa Services – Quote on individual basis 


Company Secretary

Each Hong Kong company must appoint a company secretary who is either a resident individual or body corporate of Hong Kong. This is a mandatory annual service provided by us to all clients that incorporate through us. Our annual company secretary retainer fee is for routine corporate secretarial services that include:

1. Appointing a corporate company secretary for your company

2. Reminding you of the various statutory compliance dates

3. Safekeeping, updating, and maintaining statutory registers of the company

4. Annual Return filing with Hong Kong Registrar of Companies

Note: Non-routine corporate secretarial services such as changes in company structure, attending to official meetings, etc. are charged on a time-cost basis.

Company Address

Each Hong Kong incorporated or registered entity must as a statutory requirement provide a Hong Kong registered address. The registered address must be a physical address where the company records are kept and where official correspondence can be sent to and received at. Our registered address service consists of:

1. We will list our address as your company's registered address with Companies Registry of Hong Kong

2. We will handle and forward incoming mail for your company as per your instructions

Bank Account Assistance

We can assist with the opening of a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. Our assistance includes:

1. Preparation of the corporate documents required for the bank account opening

2. Facilitation of the corporate account opening process

Note that the bank account opening is subject to the discretion of banking authorities.

Nominee Director

Each Hong Kong company must appoint at least one director. A director may be an individual or corporation. There is no statutory requirement for the director to be a Hong Kong resident. Directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or convicted for any malpractices. Please note that Hong Kong maintains a public company register.

Normally, we will not act as Nominee Directors.

Nominee Shareholder

A Hong Kong private limited company must have at least one shareholder and can have a maximum of 50 shareholders. A shareholder can be the same or different person as the director. The shareholder must be at least 18 years of age and can belong to any nationality. Foreigners, individuals or corporations, are allowed to be the 100% owners. However, note that shareholders information is public records in Hong Kong. If you require privacy for certain reasons, we can offer nominee shareholder service. Our service includes:

1. Subscription to shares as a body corporate

2. Declaration of Trust

Employment Visa

If you plan to relocate to Hong Kong to operate the new entity or if you are planning to transfer your staff to Hong Kong we can assist you applying for an employment visa under the (Investment) General Employment Policy. Our application filing service includes the following:

1. Drafting the necessary business plan based on your proposed business idea

2. Advice and assistance with completing the application forms and supporting documents

3. Filing and tracking the application status with authorities

Dependent Pass

Applicants admitted under the General Employment Policy may apply to bring in their spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong under the prevailing dependant policy. Our application filing service includes the following:

1. Advice and assistance with completing the application forms and supporting documents

2. Filing and tracking the application status with authorities